Anawangin Cove: Drawing No More

Anawangin Cove, Zambales

I wanted to go to Anawangin last year. However, I wasn’t able to find the time or the companions to do so. I didn’t want to go there solo. From the pictures I’ve seen and from the blogs I’ve read on the net, Anawangin’s beauty is something I definitely wouldn’t want to enjoy by my lonesome. At least for my first visit anyway. Thankfully, the companions I was looking for finally came this year: some of my childhood friends.

One night over pizzas, gossiping and beers, we suddenly realized that we have yet to go on an out of town trip as a group. Yeah, some of us have been friends for like 10 to 20 years and we still haven’t gone for a proper adventure outside of Metro Manila. No, we do not count our field trips back in nursery, kindergarten, elementary and high school as “going on out of town trips together.”

We originally wanted to go to Bohol, but our school and work schedules only permitted us a weekend getaway. If we do decide to stay there longer, we’d have to miss classes and work. With the transportation and accommodation fees as well as the many places we could possibly visit in Bohol, a two-day trip, we thought, wouldn’t be not enough and definitely not worth the costs. So we decided to go to Anawangin for our very first barkada out of town trip instead.

Thus, my packed bags once again.

But at least our barkada outing isn’t a drawing anymore.