Day 8: Bye, Thailand!

It’s Labor Day so my boss is not expecting me to report at work today. And because it’s a holiday, the post offices are closed. My dear bestfriend’s post card (which was bought in Siem Reap) will have to be mailed when we get to Vientiane. All I did this morning was to update my diary (Yes, I still keep one), indulge my OC tendencies by packing and repacking my bag several times, and listening to my The Bodyguardplaylist. Sang-sang is back by the way. We haven’t seen her for almost two days. However, a very nice and helpful guy manned the reception desk in her absence.
As per guesthouse policy, we have to check out by 12PM.  The train going to Nong Khai leaves at 7:30PM. Boom! Almost 8 hours of free time! After giving back our room’s key and leaving our heavy backpacks in Sang-sang’s care, sis and I went straight to Khao San Road in search of food and Wi-Fi. We were debating whether to go inside McDonalds (again) or the coffee shop beside it. The coffee shop won. My sister needs her daily caffeine fix and I need a reliable internet connection. Checked my emails and social networking accounts, wrote some more entries in my diary, and ogled at the hot male tourists passing by where we were seated.

By 4PM we were back at Khao San Bann Thai. We prepared ourselves and our belongings for our 12-hour train ride, thanked Sang-sang for their guesthouse’s commendable service, and said our goodbyes. It was almost 6PM when we got to Hua Lamphong Station. We did not finish dinner because we stupidly ordered the ‘extreme spicy edition’ of the dish. Good thing the yummy egg tarts more than made up for our disastrous meal. We settled on the unoccupied seats we found and waited for the train that will bring us to the Nong Khai-Vientiane Prefecture border.
Inside Hua Lamphong Station.

Time does fly when you’re having fun. I can’t believe three days have already gone by and I’ll be leaving Bangkok this soon. Though we were able to visit most of the city’s major attractions, I still feel there’s a lot more to discover; a lot more to experience. Perhaps on my next Southeast Asian sojourn. But I can say for now that my first time in Thailand was a special and memorable one. Bye, Thailand!