Echosera Eats: Pad Thai for the First Time

Instead of dining in a posh resto, my Pad Thai christening happened in Khao San Road. Which is not a bad thing, I guess. Khao San Road is full of street hawkers selling Pad Thai so there are many options to choose from. Its atmosphere also helps make eating the dish a more enjoyable activity. So, how did Pad Thai fare for an echoserang traveler like me? Read on.

A few minutes after ordering, I was given a plate filled with noodles, veggies and sprouts, chicken, and egg. No fancy presentations. I bought it in the street after all. But it did look appetizing. No strong spicy smells. Good because I’m not in the mood for anything spicy that evening. The serving size was very generous. That made me a bit dubious. Ever wonder why the best tasting foods are served in anorexic portions and foods that taste like cardboard are very plenty?
Cooking the Pad Thai I ordered.

Honestly, it didn’t taste bad. But it wasn’t wow-inducing either. “Just right” would be the precise way of describing it. However, I did love the chicken. It was very juicy and tasty. And together with the veggies, sprouts, and egg, they complimented the so-so noodles very well. I wished the serving of the chicken was more proportional to the noodles, though. I was told that a good Pad Thai should have a lot of sauce. My Pad Thai was not the saucy kind, but since this is my first time to try it out, I have nothing to compare this experience to and I wouldn’t really know if more sauce means a better Pad Thai. I personally don’t like noodles with too much sauce anyway, so I’m pretty happy with what I got.
I now understand why Pad Thai is very popular among budget travelers – it’s cheap, it tastes alright, and its serving size is enough to satisfy anybody’s appetite. I mean, for as low as BHT20 you’re lunch or dinner problems are solved. 

Not bad for my first time. Tummy is happy. Wallet is happy. Everybody is happy.

My first Pad Thai experience turned out okay in the end. My stomach was happy and it didn’t suffer any gastrointestinal symptoms. My wallet was extremely happy too because of the bahts I was able to save. But I’ll be sure to try the ones they sell in restaurants next time to make a comparison. How about you? How was your first Pad Thai experience?