Echosera In Transit: Train Ride From Bangok To Nong Khai

Traveling sometimes entails you to sit your arse out for long hours just to get from one destination to the next. Instead of tinkering with my phone or playing computer games on my laptop, I decided to keep a travel diary whenever I find myself in these ‘in transit days’. Or ‘boring days’ as my sister would call it. This concept is not my own. This was actually inspired by Jaime Davila of Breakaway Backpacker and by the Sole Sisters, Chichi and Lois. My first Echosera In Transit post finds me inside the night train headed to the Nong Khai border after my three-day stay in Bangkok, Thailand.

6:00 PM
Arrival at Hua Lamphong Station.
7:15 PM
It’s boarding time! This is actually my first time to ride a sleeper train. Snuck out of our coach for a while to take some photos.
Eh ‘di kayo na may love life. Hanggang train station ba naman ipapaalala na single ako?

8:10 PM
Our train just left Hua Lamphong Station. It’s late! We passed by a few homes situated along the railway. Reminded me of Dolphy’s television show Home Along Da Riles.
8:30 PM
Needed to use the loo. It’s a challenge. That’s all I’m saying.
Not exactly a toilet snapshot but this will give you an idea how difficult it is to use the loo. Kapit ‘teh!
9:10 PM
They’re starting to convert our seats into beds. Cool!
10:00 PM
I’m off to dreamland.Scratch that. The view from my window just got a helluva a lot gorgeous. It’d be a crime not to look at it and appreciate it.
Good night to them. I’m the only one left awake.
10:20 PM
I’m off to dreamland.Scratch that again. I now have a beautiful view of the moon. I even saw a humungous Buddha statue. Good thing I’m inside a moving vehicle and I don’t have to look at it for so long. It reminded me of my visit to Wat Pho the previous day.
11:00 PM
I’m off to dreamland. For real.
My bed for the night. It’s time for my beauty sleep. Char!
5:30 AM
Good morning! Waking up with the Thai countryside as my backdrop. Looks like it’s going to be a great day.
5:35 AM
Groggily went to the toilet. I open the door and I am greeted with a very much naked, cute, and hunky guy taking a bath. I apologized and immediately closed the door. Okay, I am so awake now.
6:00 AM
Breakfast. Though I wish I could eat the guy I accidentally intruded at the toilet earlier. Char!
7:00 AM
1 more hour to go (If I am to believe that this is truly a 12-hour train ride). The other passengers are starting to wake up.
7:30 AM
They started converting our beds back into seats.
8:45 AM
We are so late.
9:20 AM
Next stop is Nong Khai. We are sooo late!
10:30 AM
Just arrived in Nong Khai. Time to cross over to Laos. Vientiane, here we come!