Echoserang Snapshot: Gay Fail

We arrived at Love Lane and checked in at our hostel before dinner time. The Actress and I took the map that the caretakers graciously gave to us and headed to our designated dorm. We were upgraded to a private room at no extra cost back in Kuala Lumpur and we only had to share a dorm with one other traveler in Melaka so our sleeping arrangement for the past few days was peaceful and undisturbed. I, however, reckon it’s going to be different in Penang since the dorm assigned to us has a capacity of eight people.

As if to immediately prove my hunch was right, The Actress and I were greeted by a messy room. The floor was littered with water bottles and soft drink cans, swimwear, used clothes, empty junk food packaging, crumpled plastics, and friggin’ boxers, bras and panties (which I really hope are newly laundered). Our dorm mates obviously do not know words like cleanliness, organization and laundry. How I wish they took the time to attend a crash course on housekeeping before they embarked on this life-changing journey of self-discovery and booze. Traveling is magical, but it won’t miraculously wash your underwear for you while you party all night and drink yourself into a stupor, my dears.
Anyway, The Actress and I arranged our stuff, freshened up and went straight out of the door before we had the chance to grab garbage bags and started cleaning the dorm. We both have OC tendencies and we both twitch uncontrollably at the sight of untidiness. We went around the area before looking for dinner and we stumbled upon some of Penang’s famous iron caricatures. The Actress and I naturally had to take pictures of ourselves with these charming works of art.
While we were goofing around and taking photos I noticed this particular graffiti on a nearby wall. It read: Gay Fail. How apt. Here I was, a gay guy in Penang and I have dorm mates who are absolute fails when it comes to keeping a living space in order. Gay and Fail, indeed.