Lazing Around in Melaka

It was our last day in Melaka and the next day we are headed to Penang. There was nothing left to do since we already went to and saw all the tourist attractions we needed to see in this part of Malaysia, so the Actress and I just spent the whole morning lazing about at the hostel’s balcony and taking our time drinking our coffees while watching Melaka’s Old Quarter come to life.

I wrote down a few nagging thoughts on my journal (yes, I still keep one at 25 years old), exchanged a handful of weird observations and insightful ideas with The Actress, and caught up on e-mails, IMs, Facebook statuses and questionable Twitter hashtags. The Actress and I stayed there for a while, basking in the morning sunshine and finishing off our coffees before going out to start our day and look for brunch.

We went again to Restoran SR Maju, our go-to Indian restaurant throughout our stay in Melaka, and I had my usual roti while The Actress was choosing between roti and nasi goreng ayam. The nasi goreng ayam eventually won. There was a bit of wait for The Actress’ food unlike my roti, which was already cooked and was just waiting for a PG (Patay Gutom) customer like me. Her nasi goreng looked yummy when it arrived and The Actress offered me to try it out, which I did. It was goooood. The chicken and rice were cooked perfectly and the meal was spiced just right. And the thing about food here in Malaysia is that they come in humongous serving sizes, which makes your taste buds very happy but not your waistline.

After brunch, The Actress and I made our way to Melaka River to take pictures of the colorful wall murals by the riverside (hello, Amy Austria!). And I cannot help but notice how dirty and debris-filled the Melaka River has become. This is thanks to the buildings, towering hotels and establishments they are constructing near the river. Well, the damage has not yet reached Pasig River levels of environmental destruction so it’s still pretty much salvageable. I just hope they clean and put it in order the soonest for everybody’s sake, for the locals residing near the river and for tourists like me.

Anyway, I returned at the guesthouse to do a bit of work while The Actress stayed outside to wander by herself. I was supposed to finish all my deadlines for the rest of the week, but YouTube happened unfortunately. I was done with most of my tasks by three in the afternoon and it was still scorching outside. I strapped on my backpack anyway and went out to look for food and a cold drink, roam around the streets of Melaka and buy some goddamn ref magnets. It’s funny that this is my third time in Melaka and I still haven’t bought any souvenir from here.

The Actress and I met at the guesthouse before dinner time. We initially agreed to go Chinese tonight, but our sudden severe craving for MSG and preservative-loaded food ultimately threw our original dinner plans out of the window. Yes, we went to another country to eat instant cup noodles. Get over it. We made our way to this grocery store that sells various merchandise for only 2RM. Yes, from Oreos to Pringles to liquor to batteries to toilet brushes, everything they sell is for only 2RM. It’s a haven for budget travelers visiting Melaka, I tell you. Armed with our instant cup noodles, bread, biscuits, chips and drinks, The Actress and I headed back to the guesthouse to eat dinner with the Melaka River as our backdrop. Dinner by the river―not exactly a bad way to spend your last evening in Melaka.