The Tired Travelers in Thailand

We exited Hua Lamphong Railway Station and followed the signs leading to the nearest MRT station. As expected it took us a few minutes to get past security because they checked our backpacks thoroughly. A few minutes later, we were onboard and seated comfortably while waiting for the train to reach Sam Yan Station. The Actress and I were able to sleep the whole night, but our journey from Penang, Malaysia to Bangkok, Thailand still left us tired so it took us some time to fully comprehend our maps and figure out where our hostel is located.


We arrived at Everyday Bangkok Hostel by noon and the first thing I noticed at their reception area was the Xbox. Yes, they have Xbox. I am sooogoing there later. Not to mention that the reception area was also spacious, clean, and the interior’s color motif was vibrant and youthful. This hostel sure knows how to make a good first impression. I handed our booking confirmation to the receptionist and she immediately asked us for our passports and instructed us to fill out a form. After finishing the checking in process and handing our payments, we were both given key cards that we will use to go inside our assigned dorm and use the hostel’s facilities. Everyday Bangkok Hostel obviously had everything figured out.
We were assigned at the third floor and our exhausted carcasses really struggled to lift ourselves and our luggage to our dorm. Well, we had no choice. I don’t think two Filipino backpackers rolling down the stairs and breaking their necks would be a beautiful sight. The Actress and I were the first ones to arrive at our designated room, but there were placards hoisted on top of some of the beds informing people that they were already reserved for other guests. We were both assigned to upper bunks, most probably because the hostel staff assumed that we were practically weightless since we’re Asians. Good thing that both of us are indeed human-sized toothpicks. The bed frames were extremely sturdy so even if you weigh like you’ve eaten everything they spread out at your last barangay fiesta, don’t worry, you won’t crush the person sleeping below you to his death.


We unpacked some of our stuff, freshened up a bit and went up to our bunks. I parted my curtains a bit and saw a part of the bustling metropolis we were to explore in the next few days. Right now, however, our pillows were calling us to lie down and sleep some more. The Actress and I turned off the lights and exchanged good nights even though outside it was a sunny, hot and humid day in Bangkok.