Bangkok Bus Blunder… Again

The Actress and I decided to call it a day after visiting Wat Pho and Wat Arun and head back to our hostel, which is situated in the Bang Rak area. However, due to our incorrect interpretation of Bangkok’s bus routes and the country’s lack for giving a damn on putting up English translations, we ended up boarding the incorrect vehicle. Yes, for my second trip to Bangkok I had another bus blunder.

Bangkok, we seriously have to stop doing this.

Bangkok Bus Ride

So instead of making life easier by dropping us off near our accommodation, we ended up being tossed out in Si Lom. And of course the Si Lom experience would not be complete without passing by Soi Patpong and witnessing go-go dancers do an accurate imitation of an edible animal being slaughtered for future consumption. I cannot fathom how tourists and customers can endure such kind of dancing (if you can even call it dancing to begin with). But then again, if you voluntarily went to Si Lom I’m pretty sure a satisfactory dance performance is the last thing you are looking for, especially if you’re a middle-aged guy who has been sexually deprived since the Dark Ages.

Bangkok Tuktuk

The good thing about not being dropped off at your intended location, however, is that you get to explore areas of the city you probably would not have initially thought of visiting. The Actress and I certainly did not plan on going to Si Lom and witness first-hand how truly crazy it can become, but that’s an experience for the books. At least now I know what to do with my good-looking straight guy friends if we ever find ourselves cashless in Bangkok―whore them at Soi Patpong. Nyahahaha!

Bangkok Bus

That was not the only time The Actress and I boarded the wrong bus during our entire stay in Bangkok. There were a few more mishaps like that before we made our way to Cambodia. After that leg of our trip we both developed a deeper appreciation for our barkers in the Philippines. Yeah, they are one of the many factors that worsen our traffic, but at least―thanks to them―you know you’re hopping inside the right vehicle, thus saving time, money, energy and a helluva lot of stress hormones.