Bangkok’s Wat Pho: How To Have It All To Yourself

Traveling while working at the same time is not an easy feat to accomplish. You need discipline and some serious time management skills. Also, you have to accept the fact that there are certain hours of the day that you won’t be up and about exploring the city you are visiting. That’s exactly what happened to me the day after The Actress and I went to church and visited Khao San Road.
Wat Pho Reclining Buddha

I was falling behind on a lot of stuff and deadlines at work, so I decided to take the whole morning and afternoon of Monday to catch up and finish my tasks. That meant I had to stay put at our hostel. I told The Actress to go around by herself for the mean time and we’ll just think of something we could do together later that day. Thankfully, however, one of her college friends was traveling to Bangkok at the same time we were there and coincidentally, he was also staying at the same hostel where we were staying; he was just assigned to a different floor. So I didn’t have to worry anymore that The Actress will have to brave through the streets of Bangkok all by her lonesome.

Wat Pho Temple Grounds

By late afternoon, after several cups of coffee and bowls of cheese sticks, I was ready to hurl my laptop to one of my fellow hostel guests’ face. Good thing The Actress got back in time just as I was disconnecting from the internet and shutting down my computer. After a short discussion we agreed to visit Wat Pho and Wat Arun. We arrived at Wat Pho a little past 4:30 P.M. and I initially thought that the temple was already closed. I was told they were open until 6 so The Actress and I hastily entered the temple’s premises to buy our tickets.

Inside Wat Pho

Wat Pho or the Temple of the Reclining Buddha is a widely known tourist spot in Bangkok so people flock there all the time. Because of the number of its visitors, don’t expect to have any decent picture with the gigantic Reclining Buddha. The last time I was there I got shoved a lot before I could take a satisfactory photo of the Reclining Buddha, and there were a lot of photo bombers when it was time to have my picture taken with it. I anticipated that I’d experience it all over again when The Actress and I went inside, but let me tell you about the crowd that greeted us―there were no crowd in sight! Aside from us, I think there were only three other people that were checking out the temple. Apparently, most tourists go there earlier in the day and not when it’s about to close. That was actually fine with us because we had Wat Pho all to ourselves. The downside to this, however, is that you have to move fast for you to see everything inside the temple grounds.

Wat Arun

The Actress and I got out of Wat Pho just in time before they closed the gates. We headed for the nearest water taxi station so we could cross to the other side of Chao Phraya River and visit Wat Arun (Temple of the Dawn). However, Wat Arun was already closed when we got there. It was fine with us because a good part of the temple was being renovated at the time anyway. We just contented ourselves with taking pictures from the outside. Plus, it was nice to just lounge near the temple, enjoy the evening breeze and not worry about the usual hustle, bustle and noise of the tourists visiting Wat Arun. Relaxing and taking things slow is always a great way to end your day.