Khao San Road: Somebody Grabbed Me Again

After my excessively religious morning at Bangkok’s Assumption Cathedral, The Actress and I decided to go to Khao San Road that night. We made our way to Hua Lamphong Station because we thought it would be easier to hail a cab there but in spite of it being a Sunday, the evening rush hour was in full swing. We ended up taking the bus, which is something I am not thrilled at because bus rides in Bangkok often get me lost as their routes are confusing as hell. Not to mention that they also couldn’t give any damn for English translations. The Actress had the same sentiments after our adventure to Chatuchak Market the previous day. We were expecting the worst like alighting in a far-flung destination in Bangkok. Thankfully, however, we got to Khao San Road early and in one piece.

Bus to Khao San Road

We decided to look for food first since it was already dinner time. We bought fruit shakes from my favorite stall, which I am grateful that is still in business since the last time I’ve been to Bangkok three years ago, and then we settled with Thailand’s famous pad thai. My curiosity considered for a moment getting those fried crickets and put them on top of my noodles, but even I am not that adventurous. Plus, the facial expressions and the exclamations of disbelief and disgust that a nearby group of guy friends were making while eating those insects were not something I’d call encouraging.

<Khao San Road Pad Thai

After taking care of our metabolic needs, The Actress and I went around to look for souvenirs and other items we could possibly bring home after this trip. After an hour of going around and checking out almost all the stores along Khao San Road, The Actress ended up with a few accessories in hand while I bought a tank top that fitted my lean frame perfectly. I thought of getting a Thai massage, but I reckoned that it was not going to be a relaxing experience because of the pubs and beer houses that had their stereos’ volumes turned up. We decided to call it a night instead and head on our way home.

Khao San Road Bangkok

Khao San Road is not the place for people who value their personal space. It will get invaded at some point during the night, whether you like it or not. The area is so congested with tourists, locals, vendors and drunken people who will shamelessly dance in the middle of the street even though they look like they’re performing some kind of ritual for bringing back the dead. We had a hard time getting out of Khao San Road because of the crowd. And it didn’t help that there was this group of youngsters who decided to give a dance number in the middle of the street so everyone was naturally curious of their performance. They were excellent dancers, though.

As we were nearing the main highway, I felt somebody firmly grab my arm and turned me around. I felt my heartbeat accelerate and my body started pumping adrenaline, prepping me up so I could give whoever it was a good uppercut and a jaw-breaking roundhouse kick if the space and circumstance would permit it. However, I was greeted by this handsome dude with a clean-cut strawberry blonde hair and a pair of beautiful blue eyes, and a jacked physique to boot. “Hey, cutie! Wanna grab a few beers with me?” While I did not appreciate being nabbed in the middle of a busy road, I let it go considering how good looking the guy in front of me is. I smiled at him. It was flattering that he found me cute and while his offer was tempting, the thought of going back to my bed at our hostel was more appealing. I am slowly becoming a senior citizen in my late twenties, unfortunately. I politely declined his invitation and told him that my companion and I were on our way back to our hostel. The guy was evidently saddened by my refusal. “Thank you, but my friend and I need to go. Enjoy the rest of the night.” I waved goodbye at him and we continued on our way out of Khao San Road.
Sleep is life, Handsome. Sleep is life.