Siem Reap Greeted Us With Comfy Beds And A Spacious Room

Crossing the Aranyaprathet-Poipet Border via the direct bus was indeed convenient as hell. However, the journey still left us tired. The Actress and I decided to have dinner first so we could take a breather before we look for our accommodation, Siem Reap Holiday Garden Villa. We almost got lost looking for it. We were that exhausted so our brains and spatial skills did not function properly. However, when we found it and the receptionist ushered us to our room, our almost 9-hour trip from Bangkok to Siem Reap was well worth it.

Arriving at Siem Reap Holiday Garden Villa

Siem Reap Holiday Garden Villa’s Twin Private Room was clean, neat and spacious, and The Actress and I each had beds that could accommodate two people. Three people, even, if you took your summer dieting seriously and you’ve become as thin as a toothpick. I dropped my bags and immediately laid myself down on the mattress. It was comfy and it felt heaven after the border crossing we did earlier that day. We also had a humongous dresser, cable TV and an equally spacious bathroom with all the necessary toiletries. At PHP2,200 for six nights, it would be a travesty to complain about accommodations like this one.

Siem Reap Holiday Garden

The Actress and I unpacked our bags, and took turns taking a bath and freshening up before we head on over to check Pub Street. I didn’t notice it earlier (probably because of our heavy backpacks and malfunctioning internal GPS), but this guesthouse has a great location. It’s in close proximity to the Angkor Night Market, Sivatha Road and Pub Street. But it’s situated far enough so you wouldn’t have to deal with party noises when you already want to call it a night.

Siem Reap Pub Street

Visiting Siem Reap’s Pub Street

As expected in Siem Reap, we had to dodge and turn down a couple of tuktuk drivers offering their services to us before we even reached Pub Street. It didn’t help their cause that they hollered at my companion, “Hey, man! Tuktuk?” Mga kuya, babae po ang kasama ko. Boyish ang tindig kaya madalas mapagkamalang lady boy, pero tunay na babae po ‘yan. Pub Street, as always, was fully alive when we got there. We checked out restaurants we might want to try in the succeeding days and we also made our way to the nearby market to look for possible souvenirs we can bring back home. No more heavy meals that night, but the Actress and I each bought a glass of delicious and cold fruit shake.

As I was happily sipping my drink in the middle of Siem Reap’s party central on a humid summer night, I was glad to be back in Cambodia, a place that holds so many fond memories for me as it was the very first country I traveled to outside of the Philippines. It felt like coming back to a second home.