Revisiting Familiar Places

The Actress and I had only two weeks to prepare for our month-long trip. I originally suggested that we push our travel dates and start in April instead, but she didn’t want to postpone it any longer, which was something I completely understood. Procrastination is like this humongous wormhole that sucks your precious plans into […]

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In the Middle of the Night

It was oddly reminiscent of the first time we met two years ago. We were at that very same eatery situated inside Little India, both of us sipping our respective mugs of teh tarik, and talking about random things about life, family, friends, career and our countries. I smiled inwardly. We both checked our watches […]

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Departing For A New Adventure

“Passengers for flight AK1951 please prepare for boarding.” ‘That’s my flight.’ I muttered to myself. I fetched my bags and went at the back of the line. While waiting for the airline personnel to check my documents, there was only one question I kept asking myself since I woke up that morning: ‘What in the […]

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Hello, February

It’s the start of a new month. And that could only mean one thing – Filipino internet users will invade Twitter again with their hashtags that will make you wonder what kind of genetic mutation happened that resulted to their appalling IQs. Here are a few good examples to illustrate my point: #HelloFebruary #February1st2013 #HappyHeartMonth […]

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The Sound of Music

“Climb every mountain. Ford every stream. Follow every rainbow…” I hope your intestines are still in their proper places. Hold your horses, my mental asylum inmates.  We are not here to relive the horrors our mothers put us through when they forced us to repeatedly watch that black-and-white 1960’s film on that dreary Saturday afternoon […]

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Looking Back: A Few Travel Firsts

This entry was taken from my 2011 journal. It chronicles my supposedly first time to ride an aircraft, my amateur-ness in packing a backpack, my first time flying to Kuala Lumpur, and my first time out of the country. Looking back, this was probably the trip that made me finally consider two years’ worth of […]

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Hitting the 23rd mark

**This entry was written last September 22, 2012. But I was not able to post it that day because internet connection was unavailable where I was staying. I am such a crazy bitch. On the eve of my birthday, instead of preparing for a small celebration at home with family and friends, which I typically […]

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