Lazing Around in Melaka

It was our last day in Melaka and the next day we are headed to Penang. There was nothing left to do since we already went to and saw all the tourist attractions we needed to see in this part of Malaysia, so the Actress and I just spent the whole morning lazing about at […]

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In the Middle of the Night

It was oddly reminiscent of the first time we met two years ago. We were at that very same eatery situated inside Little India, both of us sipping our respective mugs of teh tarik, and talking about random things about life, family, friends, career and our countries. I smiled inwardly. We both checked our watches […]

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Third Time’s A Charm

I was about to jump to where Ate Kee-El (Remember that loudmouthed iguana-piranha hybrid?) was seated, grab her in a headlock, and stuff all of the underwear I brought inside her oral mucosa when I saw that we were approaching Melaka Sentral. Finally! The moment the bus stopped on the platform, the Actress and I […]

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Arriving in Melaka

I felt the distinct feeling that somebody was watching me. I turned my head to the right and I saw one of the hostel guests looking at me with this fascinated look on her face. I know that look. I smiled at her briefly then turned my attention back to my plate―my plate that was […]

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Wandering Around Kuala Lumpur

It was already past seven in the evening when we arrived in Pasar Seni and checked-in at our hostel the previous day. The Actress and I were exhausted, thanks to our spinal cord-rearranging flight and getting stuck in traffic, so we decided to grab a quick dinner and explore Chinatown very briefly before calling it […]

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That Familiar Newbie Feeling

When 2015 finally rolled along, I seriously had no travel plans plotted for this year. Yes, my travel plans are as sterile as my and many of my friends’ love lives. I am not depressed though. Hurling travel on my car’s backseat was something I intentionally did so I could focus on other important and […]

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Calaguas: Reality Bites

I have this post card-ish image of Calaguas in my head – a long stretch of fine, powdery white sands accentuated with luscious greeneries and clear cerulean waters that seemingly entice and cajole you to take a plunge. In my mind it was perfect – it was the perfect setting to submerge my enemies’ heads […]

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