Revisiting Familiar Places

The Actress and I had only two weeks to prepare for our month-long trip. I originally suggested that we push our travel dates and start in April instead, but she didn’t want to postpone it any longer, which was something I completely understood. Procrastination is like this humongous wormhole that sucks your precious plans into […]

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A Late Afternoon in Georgetown, Penang

Our housekeeping-challenged dorm mates have finally left Penang and they naturally had to leave debris all over the place before running off to their next casualty―errm, I meant destination. There are some people who need to be detained in a military camp and be trained―gruesomely tortured even, if necessary―until they develop the discipline to pick […]

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Culture and Cats

I was still a bit groggy even after downing two cups of coffee and a humungous serving of breakfast. The Actress went upstairs to arrange her things while I took my dishes to the sink. I was done washing my plates and utensils, and I was already starting to brush my teeth when this hot […]

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Echoserang Snapshot: Gay Fail

We arrived at Love Lane and checked in at our hostel before dinner time. The Actress and I took the map that the caretakers graciously gave to us and headed to our designated dorm. We were upgraded to a private room at no extra cost back in Kuala Lumpur and we only had to share […]

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Lazing Around in Melaka

It was our last day in Melaka and the next day we are headed to Penang. There was nothing left to do since we already went to and saw all the tourist attractions we needed to see in this part of Malaysia, so the Actress and I just spent the whole morning lazing about at […]

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In the Middle of the Night

It was oddly reminiscent of the first time we met two years ago. We were at that very same eatery situated inside Little India, both of us sipping our respective mugs of teh tarik, and talking about random things about life, family, friends, career and our countries. I smiled inwardly. We both checked our watches […]

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